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Because every piece caries a precious story

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For People Who Love Arts

SAZRELLA is for the one who love to make someone happy and make themselves happy. Making others happy can make us happy too. When we share, a part of us is transformed into love towards others.

SAZRELLA is affordable, aesthetic and accessible. Founded in Selangor,Malaysia, Our product range consist of Women Accessories, jewellery, bags, Stationery and home goods. 

What Our Customers Say

I love it so much, Thank You Jaja..I suka sangat dapat your card, boleh jadi my bookmark. Love you sis, keep your positive vibes as always.
Ms. Shiekin
Penunjuk Al-Quran daripada sazrella. Love sangat Thank you dear.
PUAN DyaZulkifli
Syukur Alhamdulillah,rasa teruja Sazrella keluarkan penunjuk handmade yang sangt cantik dan praktikal ni. 2 in 1 dengan mini tasbih menarik minat anak2 tekun mengaji. Subhanallah.
Puan Umi

Give the Gift of Love

We make high-quality, handcrafted jewelry, having the same passion & values!

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